Terms and Conditions for Tauplan



Each time we use a such word in our Terms and Conditions, we refer to the definitions that we have listed below::

  1. User (You, etc.) - a person or other entity holding a Tauplan Account;
  2. Subscriber - a User who has purchased a paid Tauplan service through Subscription;
  3. Registration - the procedure of creating Your Account;
  4. We (Us, etc.) - We, Marcin and Grzegorz, providing You with Tauplan service, Marcin Drwięga Yesit Doradztwo IT, Armi Krajowej 11 m. 39, 38-500 Sanok, NIP (Tax ID No): 6871884264;
  5. Tauplan - a service available to You, the User, on any device through our Portal;
  6. Plan - a variant selected by You (User) in which You use Tauplan;
  7. Suspension - temporarily denying a User access to Tauplan or certain features of Tauplan;
  8. Subscription - access to paid services according to the rules described in these Terms and Conditions;
  9. Billing period - one month, each billing period ends at the end of the last day of its duration
  10. Blocking - Permanently disabling the User's access to Tauplan;
  11. Portal - the possibility of using Tauplan via a web browser, in this case Tauplan is available at tauplan.com;
  12. Additional Services – services purchased by the User, not part of the Plan.


[Terms of Use]

  1. We have adopted a rule that any person may use Tauplan if they have an active User account, exceptions to this rule are set out in our Terms and conditions.
  2. From a technical point of view, as a User, You must have tools that meet the relevant technical requirements:
    1. To use the main features of the Portal, You need a device with a web browser such as Opera, Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari in the latest available version. You can of course use other browsers, but we do not guarantee that Tauplan will work on them without any problems;
    2. Some Tauplan features are only available on certain systems or devices or require additional tools, e.g. FaceID requires an Apple-branded device that supports this solution.
  3. In all cases, You will also need Internet connection.



  1. To create an account as a User, You must go through the registration process, as described below.
  2. You can register in several ways:
    1. classic registration - in this variant You provide e-mail address in the Portal, then to the address provided by You we will send an e-mail with instructions and link, which You must click or paste into the browser to proceed to the next stage of registration and within its framework enter Your name, surname and password.
    2. Facebook - by clicking the "Sign up with Facebook" button You will go through the registration process by using information from Your account and password on facebook.com with Tauplan, this method of registration requires approval to share Your name, surname and email address through Facebook to Us
    3. Google - by clicking the "Sign up with Google" button You will go through the registration process by using the information from Your Google Account and password (GSuite, Gmail etc.) with Tauplan, this registration process requires the approval of Your name, surname and email address to be provided by Google to Us.
  3. The registration requires the acceptance of these Terms and conditions.
  4. In certain situations it will not be possible to create an account permanently or temporarily:
    1. Tauplan is used by another User who has already used such email address, Facebook or Google account to his or her account;
    2. Your email address is set up in a service that allows You to create short-lived email addresses, such as 10minutemail.net or 10minutemail.com,
    3. Your e-mail address is on our black list,
    4. There have been too many attempts to register in Tauplan from Your IP address.


[Scope of Services and Payments]

  1. As part of the Tauplan, we provide You with a wide range of services enabling You to plan Your time
  2. The range of services depends on the Plan and Additional Services You have selected; the Plans and Additional Services may require Subscriber status. The services available in each Plan and the Additional Services are described in Appendix 1 to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. By using the free Plan You get access to it in exchange for displaying advertising messages to You.
  4. The purchase of Subscription requires the selection of an appropriate Plan, a recurring payment method and the successful payment of the first Billing Period. You may opt out of Subscription at any time, and Your Subscription will expire at the end of the Billing Period during which You opted out of Subscription.
  5. We may determine other rules that are more favourable to You as part of our promotional offers
  6. Payment for each Billing period is charged in advance on its first day, in the event of nonpayment or lack of funds, the User account is suspended until the Subscription is fully paid.


[Account suspension or blocking]

  1. We may temporarily suspend Your account (Suspend) as our User or permanently block Your account (Block). Situations where this can happen are set out in our Terms and Conditions
  2. In case of 10 logging attempts from one IP address within one hour or 40 logging attempts from one IP address within 24 hours, we can temporarily block login from a given IP address.
  3. In the event of five unsuccessful attempts to log in to Your account, we will suspend the possibility of logging in until You reset Your password.
  4. You may also suspend Your account by selecting the appropriate options and specifying the date until which the Suspension will last, but not more than 30 days. Suspension on demand shall result in the extension of the Billing Period for the duration of the Suspension.


[Account suspension or blocking 2]

  1. An account may be blocked or suspended in the following cases:
    1. You store or make available (also in the form of hyperlinks) in Tauplan or to Us content:
      1. prohibited by law - e.g. paedophile materials, inciting to prohibited acts (including murders, arson, robberies, thefts, suicides, beatings) as well as constituting prohibited acts;
      2. violating good manners, netiquette or myrtle of Tauplan (in expression, form or language) - especially vulgar, abusive, hateful, containing inappropriate graphics or photos;
      3. which You do not own or which violate the rights of others, such as illegal software, music, movies or ebooks
    2. You are acting to our detriment - e.g. You carry out DDoS, XSS, SQL Injection attacks, use Tauplan vulnerabilities without our written consent;
    3. You abuse Tauplan's functionality - e.g. You create an unusually high number of tasks or projects in a short time;
    4. You are acting to the detriment of other Users, e.g. by publishing scams;
    5. You violate the law, e.g. stalking another User, threatening him/her, using Tauplan to break the law or planning to use Tauplan to break the law
  2. Notwithstanding the blocking or suspension of an account, we may secure the content for the need of the authorities under the law.


[Account Deletion]

  1. You can delete Your account at any time by selecting this option in the User panel. Your account will then be suspended after the end of the Billing period.
  2. The account will be deleted within 90 days, after which time You will permanently lose access to all content stored in Tauplan.



If You do not agree to the suspension or blocking of Your account or want to make any other complaint, You can do so by email to [email protected] Remember that if You use an email address other than the one assigned to Your account, we may ask You for additional information to verify Your identity.


[Personal Data]

  1. We use Your personal data only for the provision of services, detailed rules of handling them are set out in our Privacy Policy.
  2. If You use Tauplan as a company, we provide You Data Processing Agreement via Appendix 2 to Terms and Conditions


[Law and Court jurisdiction]

  1. Law of Republic of Poland shall apply to Terms and Conditions
  2. If You are an entrepreneur any disputes arising in connection with the provision of our services shall be dealt with by the court having jurisdiction over Kraków, Poland.


[Amendment of the Terms and Conditions]

  1. We will notify You of any change in the Terms and Conditions by e-mail, at least 14 days before the change.
  2. If You do not send Us an email stating that You do not agree with the changes, we will apply them from the date we have notified You about
  3. if You send Us an email stating that You object to the changes, we will block Your account as of the date on which they become applicable and terminate Your Subscription.